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Schedule a 45 minute phone call with one of our Estate Planning Specialists. You may choose to have your financial advisor present during that call.


Complete your Appointment Preparation Guide before your scheduled appointment.
Please send a copy of your completed Guide to at least 24 hours before your appointment


After your attorney-drafted documents arrive to your home, follow the instructions provided to execute your signature pages and fund your trust (if applicable).


"Having helped hundreds of families complete their estate plans, we’ve learned a lot, but there is one insight that stands head and shoulders above all the rest. People do not do estate planning because they have assets, they do their estate plan because they love someone. They want to make sure that their kids and loved ones are adequately provided for if they die unexpectedly.

EP Cloud was created to make sure that anyone, regardless of income or wealth could put into place quality documents that ensure that their children are cared for if, God forbid, something catastrophic occurs. 

We invite you to take the forty-five minutes, sit down, and once and for all, just get it done. We have eliminated all the roadblocks—you do not need to go the attorney’s office, pay exorbitant legal fees or even wonder if it is worth it. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

We promise you will sleep better tonight."

- EP Cloud™

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